Enphe Conference posters rules and submissions

Call for abstracts for the ENPHE conference – Famalicão – Portugal, September 16-17, 2022

The theme of the conference 2022 is Physiotherapy in an Agile World. Posters with topic related to this theme are highly appreciated. The posters may fall into one of the fields: research, education, joint projects or special interest reports.

Abstracts are intended to represent scientific research or non-commercial content related preferably with education practice or clinical practice. Advertisements are not acceptable

Posters will be exposed during all the conference.

Individuals may submit up to 2 abstracts as the presenting author, but are allowed unlimited submissions as a secondary author. If an abstract is accepted for poster presentation, the presenter must register for the conference. There is no waiver of registration fees for presentation of a poster.

Abstracts require author information including credentials (listed in the degree field), contact information, institutions, city, and country. Please be sure that your contact information is correct as all correspondence relating to submissions will occur via email.

Submission Deadline : 1st of September 2022

Poster submission

ENPHE Bachelor or Master Thesis Award 2022

With the aim of engaging bachelor and master students to share and value their research, ENPHE announces the Bachelor and Master Thesis Awards.

Any ENPHE member institution may apply with 1 submission per institution and once for each thesis. All bachelor or master theses completed between 1 August 2021 and 31 July 2022 will be considered. These include, but are not limited to reviews, research-based products and applied research. The thesis can be written in language of origin and/or English. An anonymized (no names of the authors, no indication to the country, city or institution) English abstract (maximum 300 words, without attachments) will need to be submitted for appraisal.

Submission will be done electronically. The application should be sent by a representative of the submitting institution; no later than 1st August 2022 to the ENPHE Research Group at the following email address: ENPHEthesisaward@gmail.com

The ENPHE Winning thesis of each category and year will receive €150, runner up €100, number three €50.

We highly encourage all applicants to see detailed information about application and submission requirements and evaluation criteria of the submissions on the ENPHE website, under the “ENPHE Bachelor or Master Thesis Award 2022” caption.

For more information please download this document

Shortlist of posters accepted for Thesis Award 2022

Bachelor thesesAuthors
Is there a statistical correlation between grip and core strength within healthy individuals between 40 and 79 years of age?Fiona Bischofberger, Selina Papritz
World record in reliability? Reliability study on measuring thickness of Achilles tendon with ultrasoundÁlfhildur María Magnúsdóttir, Guðrún Baldvinsdóttir and Sara Ívarsdóttir
Psychomotor development of chromosome 13q deletion syndrome. A cross-sectional study.Iñigo Sarasqueta Soret
The effectiveness of HABIT-ILE method in water to rehabilitate children with unilateral spastic cerebral palsyEmilie BARANES
Cross-sectional study on posture and thoracolumbar spine kinematics between subjects with and without chronic low back pain.Martín Fernández Caridad, Beatriz Rodríguez Romero
Master thesesAuthors
Effects of Agility Training with Light Equipment on Balance and Mobility in People with Parkinson’s DiseaseHolmarsdottir, TR; Sigurgeirsson, AÞ; Agustsson, A
Examination of lower urinary system symptoms and related factors in children with Duchenne muscular dystrophyDemet Öztürk, Aynur Ayşe Karaduman, Türkan Akbayrak
Quantification of physical activity parameters during inpatient therapy sessions of geriatric patients with hip and pelvic fracture. Retrospective study based on sensor monitoring.Stefanakis Marios, Sakellari Vasiliki, Koumantakis George, Klenk Jochen, Kampe Karin, Klimek Matthias, Pfeiffer Klaus,  Becker Clemens
Comparing the Efficacy of Different Conservative Treatment Protocols in Individuals with Urinary Incontinence Symptoms After ProstatectomyAtabey Gerlegiz F, Akbayrak T,  Gursen C, Mangir N, Yazici M, Akdogan B, Nakip G, Ozgul S
The effects of visceral manual therapy on pain intensity in patients with primary dysmenorrheaMercè Puig Ferrer